Spiraea x. bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’

Spiraea x. bumalda ‘Anthony Waterer’

Photo courtesy of anchorphotos

A classic spirea that not only gives you pink blooms that brightens up the spring landscape but has one of the best fall colors.  Magic Carpet is a new variety that has all the same attributes of Anthony Waterer but stays dwarf if you’re looking for something a little smaller.  Responds well to trimming and frequent haircuts will actually bring out beautiful new growth with a reddish hue

Height:  3-4′

Width:  4-5′

Hardiness Zone: 4 to 9

Sun:  Full Sun

Fall Color:  Burgundy

Bloom Time: Late Spring (May)

Flower Color: Rosey Pink

Foliage Color:  Green with Reddish New Growth

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